5 tips for project management success

5 tips for project management success


In big companies, there is a person responsible for managing projects, but startups usually can’t afford to hire somebody to just manage their small projects, so they do it themselves. And without experience and knowledge, it is very easy to create a mess and make the team’s work more complicated. But managing small and simple projects is relatively feasible when you are doing it correctly.

Create a thorough plan
You need to know what tasks to do and when to do them. First, create a plan draft to know the overall path of your project and then add details, so it will be easier to delegate tasks and keep track of deadlines. The more detailed plan you have, the less your project will go off track. With the progress of your projects, you will inevitably add more tasks and details, and there is a chance that all the changes could lead you in the wrong direction.

Communicate with your team
Even if your startup has just two people in it, you need to have a transparent communication between you two. It helps to avoid misunderstanding and different issues. When communicating freely inside the team, members are more comfortable with sharing their opinion, good or bad. And this helps to constantly improve your project and avoid problems before they occur.

Be aware of risks
Always keep in mind Murphy’s law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. You need to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. List all “what if” and write down brief solutions for them. Obviously, you can’t be ready for everything, but being mindful of the possibility of various issues makes you more prepared for different outcomes.

Embrace the leadership
Monitor your employees work to make it more efficient. You can set regular check-ins with your team to make sure that deadlines are kept and everyone is doing the tasks they supposed to do. But don’t go overboard. Be realistic about your tasks and deadlines and don’t check too often so your employees don’t feel constantly watched. 

Use managing tools online
You can manage your project without interfering in your team members’ workflow. Most managing tools online allow you to assign tasks, set deadlines and mark the progress of the project. It also helps to communicate without the need to be in the same room together, if you work with the remote team.

There are lots of tools out there, but if you are a growing startup, you can try Evestor. In addition to project management, you will be able to collaborate with other startups and look for investors. You won’t need to prepare a presentation for your potential investors, your project with all tasks, members, progress and goals will be visible for them. You can invite investors to join your project and if they accept your invitation, they will be able to help you manage your startup. It is a great way to introduce somebody more experienced to your project to help it grow faster and increase the chances of success.